Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nigerian Pidgin English Quotes

*Ghetto be like jungle, gentle gentle no dey for jungle.

*To live for ghetto no be mai mai matter.

*Di road wey thief follow go after im thief, na di road dem dey follow go find am.

*Monkey no dey agile for desert.

*I been get and I go get na tori. I get na im be get.

*As di tori now be say; township chop na junk chop, ghetto chop na better chop, na junk chop ghetto people dey fit buy now.

*Mohammed na Jesus brother, dem papa papa papa na Abraham.

*Your head big pass no mean say na you wise pass.

*Jara no dey for medicine.

* We no care who win election, make dem rule us well.

* Person spoil no mean say person dey commit.

* Police na your friend no be when you commit.

*Face wey no guilty no suppose fear another face.

*Bicos small bird pikin na di same size with im mama when dem born am no mean say im go big pass im mama.

*Warder hold prisoner, prisoner hold warder. Warder comot, prisoner waka.

*Wetin concern ghetto people with cold enter body? Ghetto hot all season.

*Dem own ogogoro dem call gin, we own ogogoro dem call illicit gin.

 *You respect boss, no wahala. You no respect boss, wahala dey.

*Christmas na time for levels.

*Ghetto person no dey give up.

*Prophet talk say world wan end, world no end, country people laugh am. One day prophet go talk say world wan end, country people no go mind am, world go come end true true.

*All man dey equal, big man hammer, e go enter, nine month pikin go show. Small man hammer, e go enter, nine month pikin go show.

*Person wey dey do bad no fit yab person wey dey do bad.

*Ogogoro be like water but e no dey act like water.

*No be every water fish dey fit swim.

*January hungry hungry na im dey follow December chop chop.

*"We dey loyal!" na im be Naija problem.

*Naija politician dem ghetto waka na one waka for every four years.

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